Luk Na Glavata

(Macedonian Izvorno Ensemble)

Luk Na Glavata – what kind of a name is that? Well, it’s a long story (you can ask us sometime!), but suffice it to say that we’re named in honor of a Macedonian musician and dancer who was our esteemed friend and sometimes mentor, Pece Atanasovski. Luk Na Glavata is a group of musicians living in the Washington DC area; we love Macedonian music and enjoy playing this music for the pleasure of others. We’ve been together since the early 1990s and play traditional Macedonian acoustic instruments (tupan, kaval, gaida, tambura), mostly for dancing.

Tzvety Dosseva - Vocals

Tzvety was born and raised in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, but has been living in the States since 1999. She loves to sing, and you’ll love to hear her singing. She is also the vocalist for the The Balkanics ("wedding band" music from Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria) and Lyuti Chushki (traditional Bulgarian music). Tzvety, who has been singing since she was born, is carrying on the tradition of her very musical family – her father is a very well-known and respected kaval player in Bulgaria, and her mother is a famous singer there.

Craig Packard - Gaida & Kaval

Craig, who used to think of himself more dancer than musician, is increasingly letting music fill his retirement years. He studied gaida (bagpipe) and kaval (end-blown flute) with Mile Kolarov, one of the founding members of the Tanec Ensemble from Skopje and has loved Macedonian music ever since. Over the past few years he has also been performing with Sarenica (tamburitza music) on prim, brac and (just to offend the purists) guitar, sometimes adding to the vocal mix, as well. Additionally, Craig plays several other kinds of bagpipes (duda, smallpipes), winds (furulya/fluier, caval, penny whistle, pipe + tabor) and strings (mandolin) and has done music direction for Zivili, Callithumpian Band, Haiducii, and Roundelay (in Columbus, OH), and Tisza Ensemble and Balkanto in the DC area.

Len Newman - Tambura

Len has a special interest in music and dance from the Balkans and plays a number of stringed instruments from the region. In addition to playing Macedonian tambura with Luk Na Glavata, Len has played Bulgarian tambura with Lyuti Chushki, guitar and bass with The Balkanics, and laouto with the Greek ensemble, Karpouzi Trio.

.Larry Weiner - Tupan

Larry has been involved with Balkan traditional music and dance since the early 1960s. Principally a dance researcher and teacher, he has made numerous trips to Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Hungary to study traditional dance in its native setting. Larry has taught Balkan dance workshops throughout North America and has directed various Balkan music and dance programs for over 40 years. In addition to his extensive background in traditional dance, Larry plays tupan (big drum) and has been also the drummer for Lyuti Chushki (traditional Bulgarian music).  He was one of the founders of Buffalo Gap Camp for the Cultural Arts and Buffalo Gap International Folk Dance Camp, and currently serves as International Program Co-Coordinator for the annual Bulgarian Folk Music & Dance Seminar, taking place in the lovely, historic town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

For Information about Luk Na Glavata, email or call 301-565-0539.