John Robinson
Biographical Sketch

Formerly a shy, uncoordinated non-dancer, John Robinson was bitten by the folk dancing bug in Monterey, California in 1969. He soon was dancing 3-4 nights per week, attending every workshop available, and studying the history and languages of the area, receiving a Masters Degree in Balkan History from Ohio State University. Along with his wife, Sheila, John has performed with several Washington, D. C. area dance groups, including Tisza (Hungarian) and Zemya (Bulgarian/Romanian). While living in England for 3 years, they also appeared in a dance celebration at the Royal Albert Hall in London with the UK's International Society of Folk Dancers. John loves folk dancing for the pure pleasure of being absorbed by the music and rhythm, of mastering the styling and steps, and of freeing oneself from daily cares and just letting go. A teacher since 1973, John is noted for the ease with which people are able to follow his feet and the enthusiasm he puts into both his teaching and dancing. John likes to revive forgotten dances from years ago while adding new material from recent workshops and camps. His teaching has increased the repertoires of dance groups in Ohio, New Jersey, the Washington area, and England.


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